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Descartes to Kant returns this 2023 with a new studio album titled After Destruction. Released on September 29th in all formats, this conceptual material proposes a narrative arc exploring the cycles of existential creation and destruction.


After Destruction portrays psychic discomfort in a compulsively hyper-communicative but emotionally isolated society, with a retro-futuristic aesthetic, destructive guitars, synthesizers and soulful melodies. ​


Lampooning contemporary emotional consumerism, the band integrates an automaton character into their lineup: The DAK, an innovative machine designed to repair emotional damage, which appears through interludes both on the album and in the live act. Looking to restore your life after a catastrophe? Turning your pain into a work of art has never been easier. ​


The first single, the album's namesake, was released in the summer on all platforms, in addition to its respective video clip directed by Gamaliel de Santiago. The band announced a video collection of the full album to be released in their youtube channel, directed by Persia Campbell, with the first release "Raindrops of Poison" dropping along with the album release on September 29th, and "The Mess We've Made", second clip of this video session, released in early December along with the band's European tour, playing 15 shows in Belgium, Italy, Spain, France, Slovenia, Germany, Netherlands, Austria and Switzerland, finishing  the year with a show at Mexico City's Zócalo. The band will be touring and playing festivals in 2024 in Mexico, United States, Europe and South America.


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